6 Must-Haves for Your 6 Month Old

River is 6 months now, so we are already halfway to his first birthday, and I must say that this is a pretty fun age. He is so expressive, smiley, giggly, wiggly, and a full-fledged mini person! And with his new developments, there are a few things that we had on hand, were gifted, or discovered that have made this last month a bit smoother and more enjoyable. So, here they are:

Wooden Teether That Clips Onto Clothes

My cousin gave one to River as a Christmas gift and he LOVES it. He chomps down on this thing with his toothless gums and the teether part is all natural! The clip with “chewable” beads are BPA free, but not natural as they are silicone. However, River has yet to show any interest on chewing on the beaded clip, just the wooden teether at the end, so it is not a big deal. And we love that it clips to his shirt, so it is not being constantly dropped on the ground, covered in germs, and out of commission until we get somewhere with a sink.

Bouncer Chair/Activity Center

I tried to introduce this to River when he was not quite 5 months old, and it really was too early for him. He was unsteady in his core control and unsure about the whole thing. But, in the past few weeks he has really come to love his bouncer activity center. Not only is it a great core workout and fun for him to be able to bounce in it, but he loves spending time playing with each of the different toys on it. For the longest time, he only played with the red plastic spinning bird, but I am happy to say that he now plays with all of the toys. It entertains him, keeps him content for a little while, teaches him cause and effect, and hearing his squeals of giggles is truly the best part.

High Chair (Easy to Clean Model)

We have just recently started to explore solid foods. Thus far, we have been going the baby led weaning route and only about 1% of the foods River has tried have actually been consumed. The other 99%? You guessed it…on the table, in his lap, on the floor, and in all the crevices of his high chair. I’m totally ok with this because I am a believer that “food before one is just for fun”, but I also don’t want to spend forever cleaning after each food exploration. So I am very glad that we went this route with a high chair- it is so easy to wipe off and as an added bonus, it’s pretty dang cute.


You would think that with all the rain here in the PNW, it would be plenty humid, but the air is still cold and dry, especially at night. River was starting to have a little, dry cough, that I suspected was due to the dry air. As soon as I started using a humidifier in his room at night, the cough seemed to stop. It is recommended that you use cool mist humidifiers (as opposed to warm mist or steam) with small children, so this one has been a great fit for us.

Video Monitor

Even though we put River on his back to sleep each night, he rolls onto his tummy about 75% of the time and will generally sleep that way. I have somewhat gotten used to it now, but I was especially nervous that he might suffocate when he first started doing this. And even now, I still like to make sure he can breathe easily. Which is why a video monitor has been a must for us. Rather than purchasing one made specifically for babies and nurseries, we actually use Arlo security cameras. We love that you can move them around, have multiple cameras hooked up at once, and that when River gets older and we don’t need a video monitor, we can use the camera as another security cam (or a dog-cam to see what they are up to when we are gone…which is what we used it for before River slept in his own room).

Coconut Oil

Cradle cap? Dry skin (baby and mom)? Diaper rash?  We use coconut oil for several things for River and myself, but these are the top uses. Even though River is six months old, he still has cradle cap. So recently we have been massaging his scalp with coconut oil an hour or so before bath time, then washing it out. And for an hour, he looks pretty darn hilarious and cute with his hair all spiked up. There are so many more uses for both adults and babies though- I foresee us having coconut oil on hand forever.


So, let’s hear it… Was there anything you couldn’t live without when your little one was this age? Or is there something on this list that you want to try now?





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