Prioritizing Presence

New Year’s resolutions… I don’t make them. Not because I do not want to strive to be a better version of myself. But, because I feel like the best goals are ones that come about organically, and not necessarily those that you make because you feel pressured to have a lofty, and sometimes cliché New Year’s resolution (that is how I feel when asked what my New Year’s resolutions are). Now admittedly, this goal of mine is somewhat cliché, and I am writing about it during the first week of the New Year, but it is not my “New Year’s resolution”. Rather, it is my intent for not only 2018, but for the rest of my life moving forward. It is not something that I will check off a list or something that I will have ever “completed”. Instead, it is a shift in the way I live my life and interact with loved ones.

For the past few months, I have realized that I want and need to be more present. Working from home, sometimes it feels like without my phone and laptop, I would be cut off from humanity. I have my phone near me almost 100% of the day, and find myself checking social media, browsing the internet, or checking email more times that I would like to admit. Not a day goes by that I am not on my laptop either for work, social media, blogging, or researching (multiple times throughout the day). But, in the five months since my son was born, I already feel like there were times that I could have been more present. I already find myself missing the days when he would snooze away on my chest. I wish I had taken more time to simply soak that in, rather than browsing on my phone. When he is playing on the ground, trying to stick his feet in his mouth, I need to resist the urge to check my phone or laptop. During dinner time, I want to fully focus on talking about our day, enjoying the company of my husband and watching my son try to figure out how to get food into his mouth rather than feeling half engaged.

So, moving forward, I am going to prioritize my presence, to put my phone/laptop down, to give my family the full attention that they deserve, and to enjoy the little moments, because before we know it, they will have passed by.

And, because I do like my goals to be specific, here are ways that I plan to be more present:

-Stay off my phone during dinner (unless I am taking a video of River trying a new food, because that is hilarious to see)

-Turn ringer on and keep phone just out of reach when playing with or watching River play

-Stay off computer for non-work things when River is awake


Do you struggle with being present? What tips and tricks do you have, especially for a work-from-home momma?


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  1. Mindfulness and the act of being present is truly the best gift you can give those you love. Your insight and practical tips are helpful reminders for me. Thank you

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