4 Must-Haves for Baby’s Month 4

This past month, River’s development seemed to really kick into high gear- cognitively and physically. To keep up with my little guy, his needs, and to promote further development, here are the 4 items I had to have during River’s 4th month:

#1: Sit me up chair– We love this chair for a couple of reasons. First, it is more supportive than the Bumbo (which we also have). River is still a little wobbly sitting up, so he likes the higher back on this chair. Also, there are two toys (one for teething and one that is crinkly) attached right in front of River, so he can stay entertained without dropping his toys. It is a great in between for when you don’t want to have your baby lying on his back all the time, but he isn’t quite ready to be sitting up on his own.

#2: Glass nail file– I have tried so many times to clip River’s nails with baby nail clippers. Sometimes (ok rarely), I am successful. This only really happens if he is in a deep sleep, but, as he has gotten older, he is sleeping in his crib, which isn’t an easy place to cut his nails, and when he is awake, he is REALLY squirmy! So, I got a baby sized glass nail file and it works like a charm. See ya baby nail clippers. With the glass file, I don’t have to worry about cutting his nail too short, or clipping some skin when I meant to only clip his nail, yet it is abrasive enough to file his nails down and get rid of any points on his nail. Just thinking about it makes me breathe a sigh of relief.

#3: Sleep sack– As a newborn, River was always swaddled at night in a Velcro swaddle wrap (to muffle that Morso reflex, the one where they suddenly move their arms and legs and it startles them awake). But, as you may know, once your baby can roll over, the swaddle is no longer a safe option. Or in our case, your baby is too long/tall for the swaddle wraps so you need to find another option. Cue the sleep sacks. We have a couple different ones, including our most recent favorite, the ZipadeeZip. Since it is winter right now, not only does it provide extra warmth while sleeping, but it helps to still muffle any large movements that might wake him up, while still allowing him to roll over and move around. Added bonus: since starting to use the ZipadeeZip, River has been sleeping more soundly and more l0nger stretches of time both during naps and at night.

#4 Bandana bibs- To be honest, I registered for a million of these purely because I thought they were so cute on babies. But, now I realize they really do serve a purpose, and am even more thankful we have quite a few on hand. Soaking up drool! And this past month, there has been SO. MUCH. DROOL. River hasn’t popped a tooth yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he woke up with one tomorrow because he has been drooling up a storm for weeks. These bandana bibs save us from 10 outfit changes a day by keeping his chest and torso nice and dry while he drools away. (And added bonus- he is drooling in style with these bandana bibs).


It seems to be that every day, I am noticing new ways that River is growing and developing. Let’s see what month 5 has in store!

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