5 winter adventures for you and your little one

It is without a doubt winter time here in the Pacific Northwest, and while we don’t see much snow at our house (a white Christmas is rare here), there is a crisp chill in the air. It can be so easy to hunker down inside for the next few months with my little guy, but I (and he) want to get some fresh air and enjoy some winter activities. So here is a list of our favorite winter adventures:

  1. Christmas Tree Hunting: Just a 40 minute drive and we can find ourselves in the mountains, surrounded by evergreen trees and snow! Each year, my husband and I love to head to the mountains and hunt for our very own Christmas tree. The tree we find doesn’t look quite like the one you would get at the parking lot tree vendor, but we love each lopsided, patchy tree that we get. This year, we were able to get a big group of family and friends together and while some of us hunted for trees, the rest of us built a fire and enjoyed soup and hot cocoa. My little guy is only 4 months old, so while he was not cutting down trees quite yet, he was bundled up and cuddled with family by the fire. He was able to snooze on the way there and back, which meant he was a happy camper for his first time in the snow. Although, I suspect that what he really loved was seeing the tree we got all set up in our house with Christmas lights…he LOVES lights, which brings us to our next adventure.
  2. Lights at the Zoo: Each year, one of the local zoos puts on an impressive Christmas light display and to be honest, in years past, I have not gone. It is PACKED. But it is packed because kids (and adults) love it! And with our little guy’s clear love of lights (he can stare at them for hours…) we knew that this was a winter adventure that he just had to experience. Also, we realized that driving around to see lights wouldn’t quite work for him since he would be in his car seat. So, this way, he can be cozy in his carrier on either Mom or Dad and still have a great view of all the enchanting lights.
  3. Bundled Walks in the Tula: As I mention up above, even though it is about 30 degrees out, our little guy can still be cozy in his carrier. How, you ask? Well first of all, he’s directly on my body so he is feeling the heat from my body. But also, one night, while I was aimlessly scrolling through my Facebook news feed, I saw one of those targeted ads for a fleece jacket that had a special opening for your baby when they are in a carrier. Well, Facebook got that one right, because I bought it! And, we love it. (The one I got did have some slight manufacturing problems, so here is a similar one.) This has made taking him for walks or even trips to the store so much more comfortable and cozy for both of us!
  4. Stroller Ice Skating: Disclaimer- I have not done this yet, but it is still on this list because I SO WANT TO! Every winter, a few outdoor ice skating rinks pop up around the area, but I just recently found out that they offer stroller ice skating. That’s right, you can push your stroller on the ice and take your baby ice skating! So, actually I just sent a text to my momma friends and set a date for us to go.
  5. Coffee and Cocoa Dates: So this one is actually something that I do all year round, but it seems especially necessary when it’s chilly out. My momma tribe and I have a weekly coffee date. And to make it even more winter appropriate- the coffee shop has a fire roaring and holiday decorations all around. You can’t help but feel festive when you’re there. Also, seeing our little ones grow week by week has been so fun, and I can hardly wait until they can all be buddies!

So, what are some of your favorite winter activities with your little ones? I would love to hear about them.

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