A few of my favorite momma things

Brown paper package tied up in string, these are a few of my favorite momma things…
Ok, but really these should come bundled in a package that is provided to all new moms because they are that essential (in my opinion).
1) Bamboobies
We’ve all heard it before, that there is not nearly enough focus on breastfeeding education while we are pregnant. Or more likely, there are a lot of resources out there, but for many pregnant first-time moms, like me, you were probably more focused on choosing a car seat, bottles, bassinet, crib, and those adorable baby clothes and figured you would focus more on breastfeeding when you were actually doing it. At least, that was my train of thought. So, when I was creating a baby registry, I randomly chose some breast pads because I would probably need those once in a while, right? And when it came to the choice of disposable versus washable/reusable it made sense to choose reusable since we had chosen to do cloth diapers. So, I found a pack of two pairs of organic cotton reusable breast pads, added them to my registry, then got back to the good stuff- heavily researching car seats and safety ratings.
Flash forward to about 4 days after my little one was born and the organic cotton ones were NOT doing their job. They lasted for only a couple hours, and two pairs?! What was I thinking?
Let’s just say thank goodness for my doula recommending Bamboobies when she came for my postpartum visit and double thank goodness for Amazon Prime.
These super thin, incredibly soft, reusable and eco-friendly things have not let me down and I love them so much that I bought more so I never have to worry about not having a clean set. (I have about 10 pair…) From now on, whenever someone I know is having a baby, I am getting them some Bamboobies without a doubt. And if you have yet to try them and you are a breastfeeding momma, I HIGHLY recommend trying them out.
2) Coffee…Lots of Coffee
During pregnancy, I refrained from drinking any caffeinated coffee. When I craved my go-to white chocolate Americano, I got it decaf (even though I know, there are still small amounts of caffeine in decaf coffee…) When I was feeling extra sleepy, instead of resorting to caffeine, I took a luxurious nap. Then, I had my baby. I couldn’t just take naps because I felt tired (unless he was napping too, but then I had other stuff to take care of…) However, I am breastfeeding so I was nervous about the caffeine being transferred to him through breastmilk. Thankfully, KellyMom ( eased my worries. I read this website, got in my car, and drove to Starbucks. (Ok, more likely I asked my husband to go get me some Starbucks…I had a newborn who HATED car rides on my hands.) But seriously, I have been drinking my FULLY-CAFFEINATED white chocolate Americano every day and not looking back.
3) NoseFrida
Last Christmas, I was pregnant and most of my gifts from family members were baby or pregnancy related. My dad and stepmom got me an assortment of adorable baby outfits and among them was the NoseFrida. I glanced at the box and then put it away with all of the things I wouldn’t need until baby arrived. Then about day 2 or 3, my little guy had a stuffed up nose. I used the bulb aspirator and it did nothing (except piss him off and make him scream). I remembered I had that NoseFrida thing tucked away and luckily found it. First off, to anyone who is grossed out by the concept of using your mouth to suck out baby’s snot, don’t worry. There is a filter that makes it virtually impossible for the snot to come into contact with your mouth. Also, the tube that touches baby’s nose is pretty long, so if you are able to get the snot all the way up the tube, I would be pretty darn impressed with your lungs. The NoseFrida works about 100 times better than the bulb aspirator if you ask me. Anytime we have gone away for the night or weekend, it is one of the items I have to pack with us. So, like Bamboobies, if you haven’t tried the NoseFrida, do yourself and your little one a favor and buy one. Oh, and get the extra filters while you’re at it. (You don’t want to keep reusing the same filter over and over and over…)
4) A couple of momma friends- aka your momma tribe
At the end of the day, you’re going to want some other mommas who know what you’re going through. Those mommas who can problem-solve the color and consistency of your baby’s poop with you, the ones that you can text memes about babies and motherhood to at 10pm while baby is passed out in your arms but you don’t dare put him down because then he’ll cry, the ones who understand your excitement that your baby fell asleep in the car, the ones who get your frustration that baby is cluster-feeding through the night. If you haven’t found a mom tribe, look on social media, reach out to old friends, or shoot me an email because we are all in this together!
So in hindsight, maybe you can’t package up all of these things, but three out of four, you can!
There are definitely many other things that have made the transition to motherhood much smoother, but like I said, these are my favorite things- the things I can’t live without. 
What are your favorite momma things? Any of these? Something different? 

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